jueves, 12 de julio de 2007

Sample Tests

Take a look at these samples of the Exam:
As regards Content
Student Book
Teacher´s Book

Before starting practising for the test print the Answer Sheets

Sample Test all papers

ECCE 2000

Listening Section
2000 Listening Section Audio Files

You will need these files to complete questions 1–50 of the 2000 ECCE Final Examination practice test.
Part I
Instructions and Questions 1–25- Real Audio File- MP3 (13.5 MB)
Part II
Instructions and questions 26–30- Real Audio File- MP3 (12.7 MB)


The format of Part 2 of the Listening section has changed since the 2000 ECCE administration. Please see the instructions for details, as well as review the ECCE Listening Section Part 2 new format materials below.
Examples and Answer Choices (PDF)
Answer Sheet (PDF)
Answer Key (PDF)
Instructions and Questions 31-50- Real Audio File- MP3 (6.4 MB)

Answer Key ECCE 2000

2 comentarios:

Viviana dijo...

Hi Jennifer!

I am Viviana from Montevideo and I am studying for to take the Michigan ECCE soon. I would like to practice my listening and speaking. I've tried to download the - Real Audio File- MP3 (6.4 MB) but it isn´t available. Maybe you could upload the file again. Couldn't you?

Congratulations on your blog. It's terrific!

See you


Jennifer Verschoor dijo...

Hello Viviana,

I´m glad you find this blog interesting. I prepared it for only one student that must sit for this exam in order to become a pilot. As he travels around the world this blog helps him log in whenever he can.
I just checked the listening sites and there seems to be a modification. I remember using these links one month ago.
I sent an email to the people in charge of the site to see if there is any possibility to have the listening again.
Don´t worry I can prepare some listening for you all.
All the best