sábado, 26 de abril de 2008

Tips for learning Vocabulary

Learning vocabulary daily will help you improve your English. Subscribe to Learn English Daily and start learning new words everyday. You can also take a look at the following link and choose your Word of the day.

Interactive picture dictionary for English students

Click on Vocabulary building exercises once you enter the site

Test Preparation & Vocabulary Building Made Fun

Language Guide a fun visual tool to learn vocabulary

Have fun learning vocabulary for your exam

jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008

Free exercises

Below you will find a list of free exercises to further practise for your exam.

Passive voice and modals: http://a4esl.org/q/h/9704/ck-michigan1.html

Test samples:http://www.oaklandcc.edu/International/mtelp.htm#TEST%20SAMPLE

jueves, 21 de febrero de 2008

A present for you

This flower is a gift for all Michigan students. I will continue with this blog because you all inspire me to do so.
I created this blog for one private student I had last year and now I would love to prepare and update this blog for YOU!! So just let me know which parts of the exam you would like to practise and I will prepare it for you.
Warm regards
Miss Jennifer

viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2007

Merry Christmas

Dear ECCE students,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope that all your dreams come true.

It is wonderful to share and learn from you all.
Warm Regards
Miss Jennifer

jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2007

Common Errors

Take a look at the following sentences and spot the mistake.

- She is no longer capable to do her job properly.

-This type of job requires special capacities.

- Her blue eyes and long blond hair captured him.

-I went into the car and turned on the engine.

-She got out from the car and apologized.

-These children need a special care and attention.

-Some women stay at home to take care after the children.

-After ten years as a taxi driver, he decided it was time to change his career.

-Be careful to water the African violets regularly.

jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2007


Why are connectors important for your test?

  • To improve your writing
  • To speak better
Take a look at the following links and memorize the first set of connectors like that you start using them inmediately.

Sentence Connectors
Addition, Opposition, Cause and Effect, Comparison, Contracts and Condition.

A brief explanation of conjuctions

English and Spanish list of Connectors

Logical Connectors
A short exercise where you have to use connectors

sábado, 20 de octubre de 2007

Listening sites

Below you will find a list of great listening sites. Happy listening!!

Audio for ESL you listen and read along

English as a 2nd language English Listening Skills and Activities-Effective Listening Practice

World English Listening to radios

ESL Lab Can find easy, medium and difficult listening with adult and children´t voice