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Changes in the ECCE Speaking and Writing Scoring Criteria

New Five-Level Rubrics for the Speaking and Writing Tests for the ECCE
As of the 2006 November-December ECCE, the speaking and writing sections of the ECCE are scored using five-level rubrics.
Based on research done at ELI-UM, the new rubrics for these sections of the ECCE were developed after a thorough analysis of test takers’ performances while using the speaking and writing sections of the ECCE examination. The tasks that candidates are asked to do during the speaking and writing tests have not changed. Only the rubrics for the speaking and writing tests have moved from four level to 5 level scales. The new scales more precisely describe the levels of the ECCE candidates and more accurately reflect the features of communication that candidates use. The ECCE aims for the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), and all three passing levels meet (level C) or exceed (levels A and B) the standards for the ECCE speaking and writing tests. The new five-level speaking and writing scales are criterion-referenced scales.
Neither the scoring system nor the information reported in the Exam Reports has changed. The ECCE is scored using the aggregate scoring method. Students who do not pass one of the sections of the exam may pass the exam if their scores on other sections are significantly higher than the minimum pass level. Students who fail two or more sections will not pass the exam. Either passing or failing the test, all candidates who take the ECCE get an Exam Report showing their performance level together with a description of that level for each section of the test.
Below is a summary of the five levels used to evaluate candidates’ performance during the ECCE speaking and writing tests. The rating for the speaking section is assigned by local examiners. The rating for the writing section is assigned by trained raters at ELI-UM.
The ECCE Information Bulletin (PDF; 1.2 MB) includes the general descriptions of the 5-level rubrics for speaking and writing. The Information Bulletin is available online or at our test centers abroad. The following charts summarize the five levels of performance according to these rubrics.
ECCE Speaking Score Levels (suitable for examinees) (PDF)
ECCE Speaking Rating Scale (for examiners) (PDF)
ECCE Writing Score Levels (PDF)
Sample Benchmark Letters for the writing sectionSample benchmark letters illustrate the five levels of the rubric. Each letter has comments and annotations explaining why ELI-UM–trained raters agreed on a specific grade.

Source: http://www.lsa.umich.edu/eli/eli_detail/0,2853,24949%255Farticle%255F38149,00.html

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